Welcome to JoŽl and Maryse's world!

In a charming house located in the French countryside, can be found a hidden world of miniatures. Since 1976 JoŽl and Maryse have created miniatures, automations and music boxes.
In the basement of their house, they have created four rooms to exhibit their work, which invite you to visit and explore:Every year they organize "open door" week-end where you can see JoŽl at work in his studio. The "open door" week-end are scheduled for the 2 week-end before Christmas day.

Who are they?
JoŽl was born in Bonnay in 1952. Passionnate about wood working and miniatures he started creating his own work in 1976.
Maryse moved to Bonnay as a school teacher, upon meeting JoŽl, she decided to finish with teaching and help JoŽl with his work.
Since that day the two work together to create the wonderful wooden miniatures on display and have chosen to work only with local woods such as oak, boxwood, walnut and more.